The Story Of Momper Romper


May 8, 2023

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The Story Of Momper Romper

Originally Designed As A Mom Romper evolved Into An Essential Style For All Those Who Love COMFORT 

Momper Romper is a maternity friendly jumpsuit and a one-piece wonder for any expecting mom-to-be and romper-enthusiast! Designed to be durable and create less waste, this flattering romper blends ultra-comfort with fashion forward style.

It’s also only the most COMFORTABLE romper YOU COULD EVER OWN.

As a busy mom juggling a full-time jobmotherhoodhome life, Kelly (the owner) was looking for a one piece that would replace uncomfortable, unflattering, and expensive maternity clothing.

She wanted a modern silhouette to be worn throughout all nine months of pregnancy and beyond. Using her experience and education in merchandise product development, the versatile Momper Romper was born!

After a successful launch, Kelly discovered the Momper Romper isn’t just a great look for the busy mom or mom-to-be – IT’S AN ESSENTIAL STYLE FOR ALL THOSE WHO LOVE COMFORT! 

Before starting Momper Romper, Kelly studied at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After graduating, she worked almost a decade in various positions in the fashion industry and still currently works in e-commerce merchandising.

What’s better than your average romper?

A romper that’s extra roomy! 

The Momper Romper is the perfect addition to your comfort wardrobe. It’s easy to slip-on and style however you like. And if you’re expecting, The Momper Romper was originally designed for you! With its lack of waistline and low armholes it’s an essential for growing bellies and easy nursing. Designed to be worn all nine months of pregnancy and beyond! And, what makes Momper Romper even more special?! We make matching Mompers for kids of all ages too! 

The Story Of Momper Romper

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