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May 17, 2023

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Q (baby chick): How to pare down your wardrobe as a pregnant and new mom lifestyle

A (Kelly): As a minimalist mom-to-be, I chose the “uniform” method for dressing. When I was pregnant I more or less developed a “uniform”- black leggings; solid t-shirts in neutral colors; white sneakers or slide sandals before creating Momper Romper. I kept my clothing simple and used statement accessories, jewelry or shoes to dress up my looks. Having multiple versions of these “uniform” outfits freed up my time and saved money on seasonal trends. The Momper Romper was created with this same minimalist mindset to be versatile in styling whatever the weather and to be worn not only for maternity, but a comfort wardrobe must-have even after pregnancy. 

Q (baby chick): Shopping as a minimalist mom: choosing versatile, functional clothes that serve you

A (Kelly): Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, in her book, You Are What You Wear, says that the majority of people wear 20% of their closet 80% of the time. I found this very true in my daily dressing. With this fact in mind, it was easy to pare down my closet with a minimalist mindset. The method I adopted simplifies my daily dressing with go-to basics, but still allows for just enough creativity with accessorizing so that I’m never bored with my looks. I try to only purchase versatile, quality clothing that will last wash after wash and in neutral colors for easy mixing and matching. When designing The Momper, quality was the most important characteristic of my fabric. I used fabric that was not only very soft and stretchy, but also a higher weight and content mix to withstand regular use, lasting wash after wash. 

Q (baby chick): How to shop sustainable clothes for you and your whole family

A (Kelly): I have a special love for sustainable clothing options after owning a consignment store years ago. Whenever I can find time, I love wandering local thrift stores. Secondhand is always a great option especially for maternity and kids’ clothing that is typically worn for a short amount of time. Also, there are so many great resale shops online now to shop gently used or I have even turned to clothing rentals for special occasion dressing. 

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