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Modern Maternity Style

Modern Maternity Style

Repost from AVYN NationJUN 26, 2019 

At first I thought I was maybe just letting myself go, but what I realized is that I’m doing the opposite. I’m wearing what makes me feel good so I can get through everything the day throws at me without regretting wearing a totally impractical outfit (which is also why you’ll notice a drastic decline of anything white in my wardrobe). 

But like all the modern moms out there, I don’t necessarily feel my best hitting the town in my husband’s old painting hoodie and oversized sweatpants. What does a girl have to do to look effortlessly cute without compromising comfort? Luckily, we met Kelly, who is an expert in adorable fashion that is practical for women in any stage of life. 

Kelly is a mom of two so she knows the mom marathon routine. Her story starts similar to ours...she was pregnant and just couldn’t really find clothing to help her live her best life. So she decided to create her own piece of maternity wear that checked off all her boxes and Momper Romper was born. We chatted with Kelly about her Momper Rompers and why these are the perfect piece for new and expecting mamas.

What is a Momper Romper?
A Momper Romper is a maternity friendly romper or mom-romper. Unlike most rompers you find in the market, the Momper is extra-roomy, lacks a waistline, features lowcut armholes (for easy nursing accessibility) and is super soft and comfortable.

What was your motivation for creating Momper Romper?
I initially created Momper Romper as a replacement to uncomfortable, overpriced maternity clothing. I was pregnant with my second baby and found most maternity clothing was not flattering, comfortable, or it was sized so I was buying several sizes from the beginning to the end of my pregnancy. My mission was then to design something more modern, minimalistic in that it could be one piece of maternity wear that would grow with you for nine months and most importantly, comfortable!

Is the Momper Romper only for moms or moms-to-be?
Soon after launching in March of 2018, I discovered everyone–pregnant or not–loves them simply for the comfort and versatility. Momper Rompers can be styled however you like; layered with a jacket or sweater on top, any type of shirt or your favorite AVYN bra top underneath and whatever footwear from casual sneakers to dressy heels. 

Because we know how much fun it can be for moms to match with their kiddos, we also carry Mini Momper Rompers for toddler and kids’ as well!

Where can I find a Momper Romper or a matching Mini Momper Romper for my daughter or son?
Momper Rompers and Mini Momper Rompers are available online at Also check out our Instagram @momperromper.


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